Reach Out Everglades & C.O.P.S. Association, Inc.

“Our Neighborhood Charity ~ neighbors helping each other”


Hurricane Irma struck our area on September 10, 2017.

The storm surge flooded homes and businesses to a depth of about 4 feet, leaving grey silty mud behind.

Appliances were destroyed, furniture was ruined, and low-lying homes were left uninhabitable.

Some people have no jobs because local businesses have closed while they try to recover.

Your contributions are urgently needed.

Any amount is welcome!

You can also send a check to:

    Reach Out Everglades

    P O Box 894

    Chokoloskee, FL, 34138

with "IRMA" on the memo line.


Reach Out Everglades focuses local abilities on local people and encourages neighbors to reach out a helping hand to each other.

This charitable organization is involved in many activities to help the community, especially those in the lower economic brackets.

Reach Out Everglades helps families in crisis. The area relies on seasonal fishing and tourism so emergency financial aid is often needed during the lean times to meet household bills or to face unexpected expenses.

The full title of the association reflects the part played by the Sheriff's department. C.O.P.S. stands for Community-Oriented Policing Service, a national program sponsored by the U. S. Department of Justice. Click here to read more.

Our local deputies attend meetings and hear about the problems that have come to our attention. Conversely, they often advise us of families who are undergoing legal hardship or have been victims.

Reach Out Everglades was started in 1996 by concerned citizens.

Their first project was to help a family repair a roof. They moved on to help other families and to open the popular Thrift Shop.

The corporation has 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable status.

It serves the remote areas in southwest Collier County, Florida, comprising Everglades City, Plantation Island, Chokoloskee, Copeland, Lee Cypress, Jerome, Deep Lake, and Ochopee.

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